The best poem for Ta'am Puurun


I am a little child

As I see all human beings, we all have      different gifts.

Some use their legs

Some use their hands

Some use their heads

Some are rich

Some are poor

Some are intelligent

Some are slow

Sme prefer to beg

Some prefer to work extra hard

The best have a big heart

To share love with others and show care to the environment.

by Adugpoka Amoah

Ta' am Puurun B Primary School

Class 6, Age 12

‚ÄčApril 28, 2017

The best poem for Humjibre:

My Happy is Ghana

"Ghana is my home.

Independence is us.

6th March is its birthday.

Good in Peace.

Ghana is my home.

by Rebecca Donkor, Primary 3 student from Humjibre Anglican School. April 24, 2017