mission & vision

To help rural towns in Ghana expand their libraries, and to allow Americans opportunities to reach out to impoverished rural communities. We recognize that both goals  glorify God.

Books For africa Library Project Board of TRustees

1996 - Hilda Bromley receives an inspiring vision from God to go "Build Me a library".

1997- The first shipment of books was sent to to establish a library in Hilda's hometown of Kukurantumi, Ghana. A second shipment the following year brought the total volume of books to 12,000 volumes.

  1999- Other towns in Ghana requested a library, and Books For Africa Library Project became incorporated and set up two additional libraries. The Library Project began operating as a partnership with towns in the rural areas of Ghana. The towns provided the building, furniture and librarians, while the Library Project helped organize the library and gave them all the books for which they had shelf space.

2000 to 2017 - Books For Africa Library Project has set up a total of 63 libraries in remote areas of Ghana.

Born in Kukurantumi, Ghana, Hilda did her secondary school education there. She married Kirt Bromley in 1969. Hilda and Kirt have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. She  had a 20 year career as a nurse, but all of that changed when she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1996. The tumor was operated on successfully, but her recovery was difficult. A few months after the operation, Hilda was visiting a library when she her a voice from God telling her to "go build me a library". This call started the 20 year project which result in the establishment of 62 libraries in Ghana. 

Purchase of books

Libraries in rural areas of Ghana need additional books locally written and published in order to expand the interest and skills of young readers.


There is a need for librarians and library boards in rural towns to receive training in  library management and ways to interest school children in the reading habit. We believe in self-help, not in hand-outs.

So many children, so few books.

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President: F. Afua Bromley,

Licensed Accupuncturist

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Chia Mia Chen

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